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Business Cards


Postcards - Rack Cards - Business Cards - Greeting Cards

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Postcards       Rack Cards       Business Cards       Greeting Cards

WC Publishing Company offers high quality printing of all types of cards, including postcards, rack cards, business cards, and greeting cards. Design your own piece using virtually any graphics program, upload the file to us, and your cards will be on their way in no time at all.

      Full Color Postcards are a great way to promote your business! Inexpensive to print and cheap to mail, they can form the core of a marketing campaign. We offer one-sided or two-sided cards, in three popular sizes. Your postcards will be printed on high-quality 100# gloss cover stock. (Many printers use rough uncoated stock for the back side.) And, you have the option of brilliant four-color process printing on one side or both sides.

      Rack Cards are commonly used to promote tourism and travel-related businesses. As with postcards, we use only two-sided glossy stock. And, our clear, crisp printing will make your cards stand out from the crowd.

      Nothing sets you apart from the competition quite like brilliant Full Color Business Cards! We offer one-sided or two-sided cards, all printed on sturdy 100# gloss cover stock. Your business card can be your most effective marketing tool, so make it count.  Instead of wasting money on run-of-the-mill 2-color cards, go for the professional look of full color. You can include your own picture, product images, or bright graphics. Either way, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle.
      Business cards are ordered in increments of 500 cards. You pay one low price for the first 500, and even less for additional batches of 500. Plus, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for different names. So go ahead and get cards for everyone in your company. Your staff will be proud to hand them out all over town.

      Greeting Cards are a perennial favorite. To make the most of your color images, your greeting cards will be printed on 8-point (0.008") C1S bristol stock, gloss coated on the outside, and uncoated on the inside. This allows for handwritten inscriptions with a ballpoint pen. You can either leave the inside of your card blank, or print a message in black. All greeting cards come scored to make folding easy. We'll fold them for you for a slight additional charge.
      4-color cards cost $279 for the first 250, then just $.12 each for additional cards. 4-color with black inside costs $349 for the first 250, then $.15 for each additional card.
      Plus, we offer premium #1 vellum blank envelopes to go with your greeting cards for just $0.11 each, including free shipping.

      Postcards, Rack Cards, and Business Cards can all be ordered with aqueous coating. Aqueous coating is even glossier than varnish, and it adds scuff-resistance. It is great for giving that "rich" feel to your piece, and for helping it survive in the mail without scratching.

Need ideas for your own colorful cards? Take a look at these great examples:


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