25 Critical Points to Growing a Business in a Recession”
By: Felton Wooten


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Critical tips to avoid in running a business
Successfully owning a business can mean financial freedom
Hassle free reading that gives practical advice on how to succeed in business
The author gives first hand experiences on ways to protect your business investment: your company





About the Author
Felton Wooten is an author, workshop presenter, licensed Nursing Home Administrator and a licensed Assistive Living Administrator. His most recent book is “Daddy the Other Parent”and How Not To Run A Business. He has co-authored an Abuse Prevention for the Caregiver Manual, developed a training DVD on elder abuse prevention and published an article in the Values Realization Journal on “Making a Career Change”.

Mr. Wooten is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor and holds a BA degree in Public Administration. He was also selected Administrator of the year for NC in 1997.

Entrepreneurial experience includes owning and operating a retail uniform store from 1990-93 and owning and operating a handicap transportation company from 2004-07. Felton Wooten is available for workshops and presentations on topics such as:

Stress Management

Elder Abuse Prevention
Effective Supervision of Staff

Important Steps in Long term Care Planning

Other Health Care Related Issues

The Purpose of the Programs

Stress Management: How to manage the day to day activities of life and cope with the stressors; Target group health care worker

Important Steps in Long Term Care Planning: How to select a nursing home; Important steps to protect your home, investments and finances at least 5 years before needing a nursing home. Target group: Seniors and the General public

Elder Abuse Prevention: How to identify the types of abuse; Ways to prevent abuse and the causes of abuse. Target group: Health Care Workers

Effective Supervision: How to effectively supervise staff : Target Group: Health Care Managers


This book really gives you straight forward information about things to do and not do when starting a business and staying in business. I appreciate the style that the book was written in. I could understand what was being said and this helped me analyze what I was doing good and not so good. It was like having a check list to evaluate my business. I am better off by reading this book, Now I don't go home so stressed. I am so glad that this information was provided. I got it just in time...

I would love to have chance to talk with you. The information was so clear and I got what you were saying. the information was not over my head.
M. Holmes
Sufflok, Va.

My last business failed because I did not know these things. Wish I had this information 10 years ago. Where were you then? Thanks!
Wilson, NC

I found 3 areas I immediately need to correct to make my company better. One has to do with the way I handled things. Some of your tips I had not even thought about until I read your book. I will now have a stronger company now that I have read your book.
Mr.O. Mc
Greensboro, NC

My company can only improve as a result of you. I appreciate your honesty and openess. I really liked after each tip you told us to take action and write it down.
Z. Thompson

I really needed this just starting a new business. I feel like I have a roadmap to success after reading your book.
T. Woodward
Atlanta, Ga.

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